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INNODRY® 2E Combined Dryer with Integrated Heat Recovery System

Specific Technology

INNODRY® 2E uses two stages for drying, taking the first from indirect drying (thin film evaporator) and the second from direct drying technology (belt dryer). Moulding of sludge into granules is achieved after the first stage, with the extruder, with the sludge in the plastic phase, thus avoiding any dust creation. With the integrated heat recovery system, vapor heat is recovered in the first stage and reused in the second stage decreasing the energy consumption. The end product is dried sludge in granular form, with a dryness level of 65% to 90% depending on customers requirements.

INNODRY® 2E produces a granulate with a bulk density as high as 600 kg/m3 , which is hygienic, biologically stable, dust free and can be stored indefinitely. The size of the granules can be adapted to suit the final use.


Optimized Performances

The INNODRY® 2EXT with a concrete casing for the Belt Dryer is the latest generation of INNOPLANA's state-of-the-art thermal drying system. It is developed to provide a greater drying area and optimizes the integrated heat recovery system thanks to its specific concept of independent air loops.

Cost Effective

In addition to the patented Integrated Heat Recovery System which ensures the lowest energy requirement for a drying system, the capital expenditures linked to the construction and transport costs have been drastically reduced.

Optimized Layout

With higher water evaporation capacities per drying line and an optimized design of the whole plant, the footprint of the concrete casing INNODRY® 2EXT has been reduced to become the smallest drying system available on the market.

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Technical Features

  • From 500kg up to 6 tons water evaporation per hour/unit
  • Inlet sludge: 15 to 35% dry solids
  • Dried sludge: 65 to 90% dry solids
  • Energy need: 675 to 725 KWH per ton water evaporated
  • Class A biosolids