Innovative - Low energy consumption - Safe



Safe Operation - Cost-effective Maintenance

INNODRY® 2E sets new standards of drying plant safety as it is designed to operate at temperatures lower than 110 °C (230 °F) in a dust-free environment. Consequently, there is no risk of dust ignition and explosion. The combination of those two factors ensures a fully safe plant operation. INNODRY® 2E has a unique industry record.

The plant operator can easily operate INNODRY® 2E as it is designed for an inherently safe and automatic function, in a dust-free environment, with very few and easily accessible mechanical parts to maintain.

Sludge Test and Validation

When designing a sludge drying unit with already existing sludge, a series of specific sludge tests are carried out. These tests are part of the Innodry 2E Quality Plan and assure an optimal design with respect to customer needs.

For industrial sludge a more extensive test series is performed, taking into account the particular characteristics of the industry in question. This allows to adapt the design of the Innodry 2E to almost any kind of sludge and to anticipate and prevent potential problems.

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